The Queen and Her Malevolent Imp

Welcome to Fuck Yeah Golden Queen. A tumblr for the Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold x Regina ship from Once Upon A Time. We aim to provide a platform for artwork, fanfiction, and any form of appreciation for this pairing.
Explanation of terms:
Golden Queen = Mr. Gold shipped with Regina Mills in Storybrooke.
Dark Queen = Rumplestiltskin (Rumpelstiltskin) aka The Dark One shipped with Queen Regina in Fairy Tale Land.
And yes we do believe that this pairing deserves two ship names because it's awesome.

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A Golden Queen fanfic from Regina’s POV (Young!Regina, Mayor Mills). Special thanks to yoanagf who is such a wonderful person and helped me with a lot of things.

Rated: Fiction M - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance


You look at him with a weak smile on your lips before you dare to speak again. You really wish you could agree and just leave it, act as if nothing had happened. But the growing tension in your lower stomach doesn’t allow you to give up. Especially since you know that he wants it even more than you do.

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au: regina and rumple body swap
au: regina and rumple are magical stuck together by the hands
au: their stuck sat next to each other on their first aeroplane trip
au: they both watch snow white and beauty and the beast and make sassy commentaries insulting each others characters
au: golden queen prank war
au: regina moves everything in his shop 1 inch to the left, so rumple keeps walking into things

golden queen au’s (◡‿◡✿)

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jocelynhforever7 requested: Golden Queen

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A few curses and 28 years later, Regina finally gets Rumple’s inside joke.

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Rumpel and Regina both in red(s) color during 3x21 “Snow Drifts”.

Red: determination, action, anger, romance, leadership
Maroon: controlled/thoughtful action
Burgundy: controlled power


Rumplestiltskin & Regina - Who you are


Wicked. Yeah, let’s stay with wicked. (x)

But yeah, look at this grown man. He was spacing out a little bit because the question was for Lana, but when he heard the question, he instantly got all animated, with the enthusiasm of a small child. Dude is seriously in love with playing mean, complicated, polarizing, surprising characters.

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What I hear when I watch this scene.

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Title: Flawless Failure

Rating: M (for sex reasons)

Pairing: Golden Queen // Regina/Rumple

Set during the events of 3x20, after Zelena was defeated / Why Regina ended up giving the dagger to Belle


She knew it was him before she even turned around.

Not even because it was only a matter of hours for him to find her, but she could sense him.  Some sort of connection by magic that never really faded between them.  Gold walked calmly into her office, but she felt the tension radiating off of him.  He was anxious and frustrated, and that was something that Regina rarely got to see on him.

“You know why I’m here.”  He finally spoke, and the Mayor finally turned towards him and away from the small bar in her office, with a drink in her hand.

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